Did you patch your Router?

As many of you, I am working from home using my private computer network. But you may remember/know that security and network teams of your company/employer scan and fix vulnerabilities to prevent network and data breach. How do they usually do it:

  1. Keep firmware and OS of their network devices updated. Not just one device, but entire network. Because the weakest element can be breached and used to attack another elements.
  2. Install security and bug fixes for servers and workstations. All devices.
  3. etc.

But now we all seem to be in the same cafeteria with a guest access. Just think how you follow same rules at your home. Perhaps, this is a good time to update OS of your router or wireless access point? When did you install updates for OS of your personal laptop or cell phone? Remember, there is one golden rule: everything can be breached. But there won’t be any chance to avoid it without personal effort.

Stay safe