Coronavirus quarantine best practices

Let’s be humans. There are common steps to reduce the risk being infected by any coronavirus or infect someone else:

  1. Clean your office / working place more often then once a month
  2. Wipe your keyboard and mouse with Lysol wipe twice a day.
  3. No business travel. If any, 14 days self isolation and remote work when you back.
  4. Work remotely. That’s much easier when everything is cloud and team reasonably small.
  5. Disinfection gel at every corner of the office.
  6. Signs of cough or fly, work from home, even if it is family member.
  7. Wash hands with soap 20 sec after been outside the office.
  8. Who don’t need to be at the office for meetings work from home.
  9. If you feel bad and suspect the infection, go to the doctor immediately.

Looking for more options? Web-site of the World Health Organization is here. Do not panic and be cautious.